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The Mighty Men of Valor The Mighty Men Of Valor "The army that God gathered around David ,of whom He would make him the leader, were oppressed or had a disability, were in financial debt and perhaps led astray or deluded or seduced, men whose bitterness had a life of its own. They were not the best of the best; in fact they were the worst of the worse. They were not diamonds in the rough for they were the rejects of Israel. However, God choose to condition them through war and dessert to break and remold these unworthy loosers.They were Obnoxious, Unworthy Freaks Chosen by God to Be Mighty men of valor  
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The mighty men of valor

The mighty men of valor Ministries

The Mighty Men Of Valor is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to positively affect the character, fitness, and lives of its members and the community through the principle of "mutual benefit and welfare". More than just a place to practice, there is a social dimension to the ministry that is rarely found. We disciple young men and women in the fact that they were created for love relationship with God. We teach them of his love and sacrifice with the desire to see them born again fortunately we do not stop there. Too many groups go only this far and leave these new babies in Christ to their own devices. We set up the atmosphere for new believers to question their faith and find the answers, instead of defending their new faith with the answers they already have. Micah 6:6 says "How shall I come before the Lord? Or wherewithal shall I bow myself before the most high God? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings and calves of a year old? Shall I present him with ten thousands of rivers oil? Shall I give him my first-born for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?" Which comes to the most important part of discipling new believers? When we come before the Lord, bow before the most high God, what shall I do to recommend myself to the divine notice? In answer to this Micah 6:6 says, "He hath showed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? Here our essential duties are summed up in 3 parts. The first is justice. A man must be morally just before he can be religiously good; to love mercy and to use it when ever it does not contradict justice. While doing this walk in humility and remember the hell in which God has saved us all from. We teach that the law of God is as a million dollar vase; ether it is chipped or shattered it is still broken. To understand this will help us to do justice, love mercy and keep our walk humble which is how we disciple the students to walk. We strive to offer something for everyone whether you are an elite competitor, a recreational player, a beginner, older student, or have an interest in Martial arts. The decision to operate as a non-profit was, in some ways, an extension of the “open door” policy established by the Ministries founders, Mr. Josh Cardwell and Mr. Caleb Shepard, when with the vision from God they opened the Mighty M en Of Valor Ministries. They believed that every child could benefit from the study of Martial arts and no child was turned away because their family could not afford the monthly dues or equipment. But mostly, the Ministry's decision to operate as a non-profit underscored the deep commitment to Bushido's principle of "mutual benefit and welfare" - using the Martial arts to help build character as well as physical skills, and to help improve the community as well as the individual. This principle is integral to the study of Martial arts and central to the mission of The Mighty Men of Valor has always been deeply committed to positively affecting the character and lives of its students and the community through this principle.