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Throughout History God Uses 2 methods to train his future leaders: War and Desserts. We are all out of desserts at this point so we choose Martial arts.
Kendo Tournament
Kendo or "way of the sword,* is the martial art of Japanese fencing. Kendo has been developed from traditional techniques of Japanese swordsmanship known as kenjutsu. Kendo has been stated as "to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (the Japanese standard two handed sword)". Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values with sporting like physical elements. Kendo is taught using "swords" made of split bamboo called shinai and extensive protective armor (bogu) is worn to protect specified target areas on the head and body.Because of the rising popularity of Kendo we would like to use this as a means of outreach to kids and adults who otherwise might not hear the gospel or be taught the principles of character that come with the training. We would like to begin training the students the basic principles of both swordplay and God! Then as they build their skills we can plan the tournament to give them a sense of accomplishment and dignity.
Judo Tournament
Judo is a martial art, sport, and philosophy originated in Japan. Practitioners of Judo are called judoka. The word Judo is composed of two kanji: "j*", which means gentleness, and "d*", way or road. Thus Judo literally means "the gentle way", or "the way of giving way", and may also be defined as "the way of suppleness", "the way of flexibility, or "the way of adaptability". To English speakers, Judo and Jujutsu would mean "the easy way", as in the easiest way to accomplish something. Judo takes from jujutsu ("gentle art") the principle of using one's opponent's strength against him and adapting well to changing circumstances. Judo emphasizes sparring (randori) as its main form of training. Half the combat time is spent sparring on the ground, called ne-waza and the other half standing up, called tachi-waza. Actual sparring, albeit within safety rules, is considered to be much more effective than only practicing techniques, since using full-strength develops the muscles and cardiovascular system on the physical side of things, and it develops strategy and reaction time on the mental side of things. Despite the literal meaning of judo being "the gentle way", competition judo is one the roughest and most demanding of sports. Because competition judo does not contain the kicking and punching so common to other martial arts, Judo is often portrayed as friendlier than many other forms of martial arts. Judo has a strict code of ethics and a humanitarian philosophy to it. Judo instructors and students were expected to be outstanding examples of good character and honest conduct. Combat outside of the training hall or behavior that brings shame to the school can lead to suspension or even expulsion. Our ultimate concern for the well being of both the individual and the community is reflected in the teaching methods and one of Judo’s guiding principles is “mutual benefit and prosperity”. We believe that the diligent practice of Judo should lead to the realization that one could not progress at the expense of others; only mutual prosperity offered the key to any real progress in human life.
Grappling Tournament.
Grappling also called wrestling refers to the gripping, handling and controlling of an opponent without the use of striking, typically through the application of various grappling holds and counters to various hold attempts. A grappler is a person who predominantly practices grappling in martial arts or combat sports. Grappling can be used in both a standing position, where it is known as stand-up grappling, and on the ground, where it is known as ground grappling. Grappling is an essential part of both clinch fighting and ground fighting. Our grappling ministry is not like any other ministry that you see regularly. We are beating the Devil on his own turf, Many people view ring fighters and grapplers as lost, however, we do not. We offer a specialized curriculum that teach the intricacies of grappling to draws men and women who are rarely found in church. We are goal-oriented and teach grappling in the most scientific manner backed up with spiritual teaching and morals. In our method of training, you will see that we help people set their short-term, intermediate and long-term goals and how to reach the same. Our grappling Ministry will provide you with thorough knowledge of grappling. You will also know how it is important to control your mind and discipline yourself to achieve new pinnacle in the grappling competitions we hold 4 times a year. We open these tournaments as an out reach for our men of valor in training.
Women's Self Defense
Women often avoid the need for physical self-defense because the often strenuous falling and body conditioning required in most martial arts. They also rely their inherent ability to dodge violence through adaptability and their reliance on protection from others. However, today as much as throughout human history women have suffered physical violence at the hands of their male and female counterparts. Therefore self-defense remains a highly relevant issue for women today and in the future. International Sanjuriu is very well suited for women’s self-defense since it requires flexibility and suppleness - abilities that are by nature more prevailing in females than in males. That is why in our experience women typically learn Aikijutsu faster than their male counterparts - provided they stay with it. A handicap is that women are often reluctant to join self-defense classes; feeling intimidated by the predominance of males in most dojo memberships. But that should not keep women from joining, since training with males is the best way to learn what they need to learn. We understand this problem and have developed a system for women to introduce them into the world of self defense and protection. Of particular interest to women is that the Self Defense is made specifically for women to Defend effectively against their male counterparts. Many Martial arts teach women to defend themselves but look for them to perform techniques that only a super athlete could perform or take too long to execute. When attacked, women may only have seconds to act and no time to think. This is the theory in which we have developed our Women's self defense system. Men of Valor Ministries offer special classes in self-defense for women, containing two components. First, we teach prevention, i.e. strategies to prevent violent situations. Second, we teach physical means of self-defense that women can perform with out becoming a man. We strive to provide effective physical self-defense techniques, adapted to suit particular individual needs, and practical strategies on how to diminish vulnerability to violence.
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